12 Things To Do For (and By) Yourself


1. Get into the cosiest pyjamas you own (or buy new ones!) and change your bedsheets. Spend the day in bed drinking tea and watching Disney classics.

2. Buy a tiny moleskin notepad that fits in your pocket. Visit the flagship of your favourite bookstore and go floor to floor jotting down the names of books you’d love to read. Buy one of the books straightaway and settle down in a coffee shop to get stuck into your new reading list.

3. Choose a public figure who fascinates you and learn everything you possibly can about them. Print out their photo and stick it on your bedroom door. Frame it with bizarre and inspirational quotes.

4. Have a wardrobe cull. Be ruthless – anything you haven’t worn in a year or more goes. Sell your cast-offs on Vinted or eBay and use the proceeds to buy an outfit that makes you feel remarkable.


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5. Bake yourself a cake! Decorate it lavishly and cut it into big, wedged slices. Serve up a piece, take an artful photo of your plate and dig in. Wash it down with tea, or if you’re feeling fancy: cava and strawberries.

6. Get a plain, no-paint manicure. Even if Especially if you’re a guy. Think of it this way: how many complex little muscles do you work just typing at your keyboard? A manicurist will knead out aches you didn’t even know you had and trim away any ripping hangnails and rough calluses. We use our hands for everything, so giving them a little TLC every now and again is just good sense.

7. Book a random weekday off work, but resist the urge to sleep in. Instead, get up early and head into town. Spend the morning somewhere that’s usually packed: the cinema, the gym, that restaurant that always has a queue out the door. Bask in the feel of owning a deserted city for a day while the rest of the world slaves away at work and school.

8. Get up at dawn and do yoga. Feel smug and serene all day.


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9. Learn something – anything! We have such a head-spinning amount of information at our fingertips, and plenty of it is kindly and coherently organised for our educational benefit. Take a class at the Khan Academy, listen to a TED talk or take to YouTube to learn Cantonese.

10. Buy a sex toy.

11. Go and explore your city. I promise you it’s not all chain restaurants and tourist hotspots – every city has a web of quirk weaving through it. Choose a part of the city at random and set out on an adventure. Wander end-to-end of a teeny local park, discover a privately owned bookshop, or stumble across a basement comedy club. Create a personal scavenger hunt and make it your mission to see it through. When your friends from out of town come to visit you’ll be able to show them a side of the city only you have unearthed.

12. Take yourself on an old-school date: dinner and a movie. Look fabulous and order three courses without worrying about chatting with your mouth full. Go see something frivolous and enjoy hogging the popcorn. A kickass time is all but assured when your date is so reliably awesome.


Photo credit: Benedetta Anghileri

Photo credit: Benedetta Anghileri

Featured image by Mitchell Joyce


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  1. Dad
    23rd August 2015 at 9:01 AM

    Loved it.

  2. Aoife
    24th August 2015 at 7:26 PM

    Hahaha, thanks Dad!

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