30 Veg-Out Worthy RomComs

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Whether it’s Girl’s Night In, genuine Netflix-and-Chill or some much needed Me-Time, sometimes all we really want is some easy-watching material.

Whatever your mood, I got you covered.


The Sleepover List

Modern greats and millennial nostalgia to be watched in your finest pyjamas. Best friend and popcorn: optional.

Sleepover List

1. Crazy, Stupid Love

After his high school sweetheart asks for a divorce, middle-aged father Cal is taken under the wing of suave young bachelor Jacob. Their unlikely friendship is the heart of the movie, while all around them budding romances unravel – for better or worse. It’s clever, funny, sweet and terrifically cast, and there is much more to this comedy than meets the eye. Even if you’re not one of the swooning millions of Gosling fans, Crazy, Stupid Love is well worth a watch.

2. 10 Things I Hate About You

When Walter Stratford sets new dating rules for his teenage girls, a new kid falls head-over-heels for the younger daughter, Bianca, and comes up with a plan. In true teen comedy logic, he decides to trick a rival for Bianca’s affections into bribing bad boy Patrick Verona to date the equally badass Kat Stratford.


3. The Sweetest Thing 

Cristina’s an expert on the single scene, with zero interest in finding Mr Right – until her meet-cute with Peter on a girl’s night out. After the two part ways, Cristina’s friend Courtney throws their dating rules out the window and takes her on a road trip to track down the one guy she’s ever really liked. Calamity and misadventures ensue. More than anything, The Sweetest Thing is about the beautiful weirdness of bestfriendship. This is definitely one to watch with your BFF.

4. 13 Going on 30

When awkward 13 year old Jenna Rink makes a wish to fast-forward through high school, she wakes up as a gorgeous, 30 year old career woman. With the help of her (grown up) childhood friend Matty, Jenna realises that she didn’t grow up to be the woman she wanted to be after all. This is such a charming movie, and inarguably Mark Ruffalo and Jennifer Garner at their most adorable.

5. Clueless

Pretty, popular, and rich, Cher Horowitz  can talk her way into getting pretty much anything she wants – and what she wants is to help those around her find love and happiness. But when Cher turns her matchmaking skills on herself, she realises just how superficial her high school priorities have been. The clothes! The hair! The Beverly Hills dialogue! It’s all so beautifully 90’s, but Clueless is absolutely timeless.

6. Never Been Kissed

A fresh-faced journalist lands her first big story – as an undercover reporter at her old high school. With the help of her naturally cool big brother, the formerly gawky Josie gets a second chance at fitting in with the cool kids. But as Josie plays at being ‘hip’, she realises that maybe she prefers the person she really is. The sweet-natured English teacher Mr. Coulson certainly seems to!


7. Mean Girls

15 year old Cady Heron has lived in Africa her whole life, but when her parents enroll her in an American high school she enters a whole other kind of jungle. With some of the most colourful characters and sharp one-liners ever seen in a teen comedy, Mean Girls was always going to be a classic.

8. The Proposal

In order to keep her high-powered job, senior editor Margaret pushes her long-suffering assistant to marry her so she can avoid deportation to Canada. Now all they have to do is convince his family (and the immigration office) that they’re madly in love. Besties in real life, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds have awesome comedic chemistry. Scenes of Sandra Bullock singing Get Low to Betty White are reason enough to check it out.

9. Easy A

When false rumours starts circulating at school about Olive’s promiscuity, she decides to embrace the attention and benefit from her new-found notoriety.


10. She’s All That

After his queen bee girlfriend dumps him, high school jock Zach Siler makes a bet that he can turn the plain and stand-offish Laney Boggs into Prom Queen. But as Zach gets to know Laney, he realises just how stupid his plan was. This is undoubtedly the movie that secured Freddie Prinze Jr’s place in history as the ultimate 90’s heartthrob.

11. The Wedding Singer

Singer-for-hire Robbie and waitress Julia are both engaged to be married. But when their paths start crossing at the same events it becomes increasingly clear that they’re each engaged to the wrong person.

12. The Holiday

Two women decide to escape the disappointing men in their lives for the holiday season. Iris swapping her countryside cottage in England for Amanda’s mansion in LA seems like a perfect solution, but once overseas each woman finds the last thing she was lo. This is definitely a seasonal watch, but never-the-less perfect for a wintery pyjama day.

The Hangover List

The gloriously formulaic for when your brain no work good.

Hangover List13. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Writer Andie Anderson is writing article on how to ensure you’ll be dumped within 10 days. When she meets Benjamin Barry at a bar she decides he’s the perfect subject for her experiment. But unbeknownst to her, Ben’s just made a bet to win over a huge marketing campaign – he has to prove he can make a woman fall in love with him in 10 days. Formulaic, fluffy goodness.

14. He’s Just Not That Into You

Sweet and naive Gigi imagines that every guy she dates will be the one, so naturally she’s constantly disappointed. When she meets the cynical ladies man Alex, he decides to teach her how to interpret signals from her dates. Meanwhile, interconnecting stories see other couples struggle with the common miscommunications between men and women.

15. What Happens In Vegas

After two drunken strangers, Jack and Joy, get married in Vegas, they both immediately want out. Before they part ways, Jack borrows a coin from Joy to play a jackpot machine – and they win $3,000,000. When they argue over who the money belongs to, a conservative judge settles the matter by freezing their winnings and forcing them to stay married for six months. So silly, so watchable.

16. John Tucker Must Die

When three Queen Bees realise they’ve been dating the same guy, they decide to teach him a lesson with the help of the wallflower new girl, Kate. With a lot of coaching from his former lovers, Kate sets out to win John Tucker’s heart – and break it like he broke theirs.

17. Legally Blonde

Blonde sorority girl Elle is devastated when her boyfriend tells her they have no serious future because of her ditzy nature. She sets out to win him back by following him to Harvard Law School. Once there, Elle proves to everyone, including herself, that she’s a woman you’d certainly want to take seriously. A warm, funny film with a very sweet message about staying true to yourself.

18. 50 First Dates

Serial womaniser Henry Roth finds himself falling for the first time ever – for Lucy, a woman with short-term memory loss. Undeterred, Henry spends every day trying to get Lucy to fall in love with him all over again.

19. 27 Dresses

Jane loves the romance of weddings, delights in being part of someone’s special day – she’s been a bridesmaid 27 times. But when her flirty younger sister gets engaged to the man Jane’s secretly in love with, she can’t stand the idea of being a bridesmaid once more. To make things worse, her obsession with weddings has caught the attention of Kevin, the cynical reporter who’s covering her sister’s upcoming nuptials. This movie is incredibly predictable, but in the best, most comforting way.

20. 17 Again

Basketball star Mike Donnell is on track for a college scholarship, but when his high school sweetheart Scarlet falls pregnant he turns down his dreams so that he can marry her and provide for their family. Fast-forward 20 years and Mike is divorced, miserable and disappointed with the way everything turned out. All he wants is another chance at the life he gave up. Then one day he wakes up as a 17 year old.

21. Definitely, Maybe

When his young daughter struggles to understand his divorce from her mom, Will Hayes agrees to tell her the story of how they met and eventually married. In his attempt to clean up the story, he changes names and details, forcing his daughter to figure out which of the three important women in his life turned out to be her mother.

22. She’s The Man

Viola Hastings is furious when the girl’s soccer team at her school is cut, and even more furious when her boyfriend, the team captain, doesn’t want her on the boys team. So naturally, she disguises herself as her own twin brother Sebastian and tries out for the rival school’s boy’s team in the hopes of beating her ex in an upcoming match. Unfortunately her disguise is convincing enough that it sets into play a tangle of confusing love affairs. Silly, but so much fun. This is Amanda Bynes at the top of her game.

23. Miss Congeniality

When an anonymous threat sets their sights on a Miss United States pageant, hardened FBI agent Gracie Hart is forced to go undercover as one of the preening beauty contestants she’d normally make fun of. A total crowdpleaser, this is perhaps the first film where we really saw Sandra Bullock’s brilliant comedic capabilities.

The Rom-Com-Is-Over List

Because if you have to sit through one more Third Act speech delivered in the rain you’re just done.

RomCom Over List

24. Pitch Perfect

Aspiring DJ and freshman Becca has no interest in going to college, but makes a deal with her dad to make an effort and stick it out for a year. To appease him, Becca joins her campus all-girl a capella group, The Bella’s, who are in dire need of a comeback after an embarrassing mishap at their last performance.

25. Ruby Sparks

Genius young novelist Calvin is struggling with writer’s block until he finds his muse in a girl he’s been seeing in his dreams. Calvin falls so hard for his fictional lover, Ruby, that he literally wills her into existence. Even stranger, anything he writes about her becomes true, which becomes a problem when Ruby turns out not to be a two-dimensional dream-girl but an ordinary, flawed human being. What looks on the surface like a quirky RomCom is actually a surprisingly dark love story. A totally underrated indie comedy.

26. Silver Linings Playbook

Pat’s temper has lost him his job, his house and his wife and landed him in a mental institution after he’s diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Eight months later he’s released and is determined to rebuild his life and reconnect with his ex-wife through the power of sheer positivity. His big plans for recovery get a little more complicated when he agrees to let the equally troubled Tiffany help him win over his ex-wife.

27. (500) Days of Summer

Another indie RomCom, though we’re warned from the start that this is not a love story. Tom is falling in love with Summer – the trouble is, Summer doesn’t believe in love. Despite it’s mildly sad premise, this is such a colourful, offbeat comedy with such an irresistible soundtrack that it’s hard not to come away smiling.

28. Celeste & Jesse Forever

High school sweethearts and long time besties Celeste and Jesse are getting divorced. Both are confident that they’ll remain best friends no matter what – until Jesse starts dating someone new. Suddenly Celeste is finding it harder than anticipated to move on, despite the fact that the split was her idea. Celeste & Jesse Forever is thoughtful, poignant and will stick with you long after the credits roll.

29. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Peter falls apart when his perfect, celebrity girlfriend Sarah leaves him after five years together. In an attempt to pick himself back up, he takes a vacation to a beautiful Hawaiian Island – only to find that Sarah is staying at the same resort with her new rockstar boyfriend Aldous Snow.

30. I Could Never Be Your Woman

40-something single mom Rosie is the TV producer of teen comedy You Go Girl. The show seems doomed until talented young comedian Adam joins the cast and revives the ratings. Rosie and Adam have an undeniable chemistry, but with the meddlesome Mother Nature whispering in her ear, Rosie can’t help but fret over their age difference. Meanwhile, her daughter Izzie is becoming worryingly interested in boys. This is another gem from Clueless mastermind Amy Heckerling, and better still, it reunites Clueless alumni Paul Rudd and Stacey Dash!

So there you have it – my RomCom Masterlist (veg-out edition). Have I missed out any glaringly obvious titles that are perfect for a PJ day?

Let me know!

In the meantime, happy watching!

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