Humpday Round-Up



FortNews MerkelObamaPresident Obama and German chancellor Angela Merkel presented a united front at their press conference on Monday. The leaders discussed their plans to “continue to encourage a diplomatic resolution” to the escalating violence along the Ukraine-Russia ceasefire line. Apparently not everyone in the US camp is convinced, as The Daily Beast reports that vice president John Kerry is in favour of arming Ukraine against pro-Russia separatists.


An unknown number have died in Egypt after police opened fire at a football match. Witnesses say that ticket holding fans were trapped in the stadium entryway, eventually growing restless, and that police had attempted to subdue them with teargas. The subsequent panic incited a stampede, and officers reacted with gunfire. Death toll accounts vary from 19-30.


FortNews Angkor WatSeveral tourists have been deported from Cambodia after being caught taking naked photographs on sacred ground. In two separate incidents, 3 French men and 2 American women were convicted with suspended sentences, fined, deported, and given a four-year ban after grounds management caught them posing naked in ancient temples at Ankor Wat. Aspara Authority, the management company, were already on high alert after topless photos of a Khmer woman at the same temples went viral earlier in the week. Aspara spokeswoman Chau Sun Kerya has said that those involved are “insulting Khmer culture and religion.”


Leaked HSBC files have revealed mass tax-dodging by UK elite. The Guardian reports that the bank’s Swiss subsidiary has been misconducted, essentially hiding undeclared money for it’s wealthier customers. The scandal has been unfolding further all week, with The Guardian determined that in some of the shadier, unsavoury cases “the public has a right to know.”


Four people were killed in Bath by a speeding tipper truck. The truck crashed outside a local primary school just as children were being let out. The truck driver and at least four others have sustained injuries. The deceased include three adults and a four year old girl.


In other news…

Samsung is building televisions worthy of Orwell’s 1984. Their Smart TV has the capacity to record any conversations you might have in front of it, and can send the data to third parties. Samsung was quick to explain that this only applies to owners using voice controls, and that users are free to opt out of the service.

A newly discovered plant species has been named after Sir David Attenborough! Attenborough’s Hawkweed (Hieracium attenboroughianum) is a wildflower found on Welsh mountainsides. Sir Attenborough is “truly grateful”.

Angelina Jolie has opened a centre in London to combat violence against women in warzones. The London School of Economics is Europe’s first centre of this kind, and will focus on campaigning globally for women’s rights.

Revenge porn has become so rampant that a helpline has been launched in the UK to advise victims of the crime. Luckily, UK perpetrators of revenge porn could now face up to 2 years in jail for their violations.

Taxi-hailing app Uber is introducing a new safety feature for users based in India. Passengers will now have a ‘panic button’ which will alert police if their safety is compromised on the journey. The feature was built in response to one user’s claim that she was raped by the driver Uber hailed for her.


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