It’s April – Have Some Web Candy!

web candy

It’s April, fool! My birth month and the beginning of The Fort’s 3rd month online! There’re plenty of reasons for us to be cheerful this time of year – spring is finally here! Easter eggs! Everything is pastel! Daffodils! And here are a few more things to make you smile (if not just to help you procrastinate a little. Sorry!):


  • Cats can be such assholes.
  • I’ve just re-read the Harry Potter books, so these Troll Dumbledore strips are extra hilarious right now.
  • Fight the spam! 10 Minute Mail gives you a temporary email address to use for all those online services that require a sign-up.
  • Mood Box is a service that lets you send yourself a fashionable little gift on a monthly basis. They cater exclusively to women at the moment, but sign up and they’ll put a hamper together for you based on your current mood and preferences so that every month is a surprise. Want.
  • “Nearly three in one women between the ages 15-24 has used the pull-out method as her primary form of birth control.” Gigi Engle explains why this is terrifying.
  • So World Book Day came and went, and this little boy dressed up as Christian Grey – complete with blindfold and cable tie props. Poor kid will have a hard time living that one down at his 21st.
  • Need a new project? Check out PS. I Made This for some DIY inspo/envy. I looove these embellished headphones.
  • The Mashable staff estimated the average penis size with some demonstrative doodling!
  • Apparently we have a second ‘brain’ in our bellies! “It is this brain that could be responsible for your craving under stress for crisps, chocolate and cookies.”
  • Angelina Jolie was really amping up the awesome this March. She wrote this op-ed piece for the New York Times about her latest preventative surgery, and gave this warm, sweet speech at the Kids Choice Awards.

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